Kadlíček Pavel – 180cm/77kg. Traveller, musician, cyclist, sportsman, performer, commentator. Stubborn, sensitive, romantic.

His date of birth indicates the period of “late socialism”. He lives in Rokytnice u Přerova, Czech Republic. Raised together with his older brother in a loving, caring family which positively formed his personal development. After high school, he worked for České Dráhy and Telecom, however his mother's genes urged him to travel and discover. For some time, he settled in south west France which permanently influences his life. After he returned to Czech, he started a popular music band D.U.Bmusic and formed a musical-theater association, D.U.B company. In the year 2000 he discovers the beauty of traveling in the seat of his bicycle.

To this day, he has ridden several times by bike around Europe and North America. He has given lectures about his journeys and has been a guest on Czech Television. He was a successful competitor at mountain bike riding and conquered the difficult race Salzkammergut Trophy. At the moment, he is preparing for his next expedition Patagonia Bike, which is reported to start at the end of 2012. He travels on a Salsa Fargo brand bicycle. Pavel works as a technician for the firm Toom Interier s.r.o. in Přerov, Czech Republic. He is married and the proud father of his daughter Amalka. He loves life! .

"..Hello. My name is Pavel Kadlíček. I don't stand out but nor do I fit in. I am just an ordinary person. Somewhere inside me is an adventurer who has criss crossed the world 5 times – every night when I switch off my bedside lamp. A real traveller has a map in the library. I have a map even on the wall of my toilet. Just in case, I have there a world atlas too. You never know. I am a possessed cyclist and passionate musician, which is an explosive combination for the soul of a globetrotter. I explore the world in the seat of my bike and the pleasure creates music in my head. My hobbies actually complete each other. So, I'm just fine."

In mid December 2012, Pavel starts alone on the bike in La Paz, Bolivia, his next journey – this time across South America.

email: top@dubmusic.cz
tel: 776 287 730

La Paz
Puerto Montt
6 446 Km
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