I could not sleep, even for a moment. The wind pounding into the tent and the sound of sirens from the lighthouse at Cape Spear cliff - warning all the living of the imminent arrival of the storm, which made he last night even more dramatic. I had over ten thousand kilometres in my legs to get here and the last forty kilometres to the finish in St. John's seemed to be the icing on the cake. It was a sleepless night and it was clear to me that it will be the toughest forty kilometres I've ever ridden. It will be the last kilometres before the end of my journey. My dream was coming to an end and I had to confront it.

And so, by myself in that tent on the cliff of the island Cape Spear Newfoundland appeared the question: "Is my desire for knowledge actually finished?" No! (One can always respond as needed) So, early the next morning, I went to the city of St. Johns with a smile and the knowledge that I wasn't coming to the finish line but just taking the next step towards my dream.

The world threw a glove into my face and I picked it up. Ushuaia. The name of the southernmost city in the world brings chills to my body. Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. To achieve my dream I'll have to dig really deep into my physical and psychological reserves. The expedition covers about seven thousand kilometres on mostly gravel and muddy roads across Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Altiplano, the high ridges of the Andes and the need to conquer a few passes in “no man's land”. The mythical RN 40, South American Panamericana, the crazy Carretera Austral - these are the proverbial paths to direct me to the inhospitable and unpredictable Patagonia - an arid wasteland with no end to the incessantly slashing wind that has driven many crazy. The reward for my effort to combat the very last virgin part of the world ... the special Ushuaia. It will be a fight against time, nature and myself. It is not for nothing that this journey this is referred to as cycling university. And God willing, I would stand at its end with a diploma in hand!

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